Boat Snapshots

A – Front HandleB – Towing RingsC – Over pressure Relief Valve

D – Life Line

E – Oar lock & Aluminum Oars 

F – Carrying HandleG – Boat Handling RingsH – Plywood Seat

I – Marine Plywood Transom

J – Reinforced Cone End

1 – V Hull with Double PVC Layer

2 – Keel Rubbing Stake

3 – Side Tube Rubbing Stake

1 – V Hull with Double PVC Layer

2 – Keel Rubbing Stake

3 – Side Tube Rubbing Stake

V- Hull  with Inflatable Keel

  • All Seamax sport boat comes with keel chamber for V-hull.
  • 2. Rubbing Strake from bow to transom. full protection.
  • Three to Six inch width Rubbing Strake for different model.

Plywood Transom

  • From 1 inch thick. 1.5 inch think plywood over 11 ft boat.

  • Special mechanical design with a degree for motor.
  • Engine backets provide exactly position for outboard.
  • Transom bottom durable  3 inch widthrub strake.

Keel Air Chamber

  • V Hull Individual camber, provides additional buoyancy.
  • Double PVC layer protection at keel bottom.

Boat Life Line

  • Setting the standard for marine safety.
  • Wave prevention design on Air & Sport Series.
  • Moving handle and storage purpose.

Aluminum Oars

  • Oar with oar lock and seat, portable.
  • Use boat without engine, Green Boating to all models.


  • Air chambers valves, marine grade design.
  • Completed air tight. 1 minute to replace.
  • Over pressure relief valve, Standard feature.


  • 4 layers chamber seams are overlapped a full inch
  • and reinforced with seam tape both outside and inside for
  • extra added protection.
  • The inner tube stay airtight while protecting the tube
  • from sudden impacts.





Bow bag and Seat bag

  • Seamax are with bow bag and 4 handles installed.
  • Under seat bag and cushion.

Aluminum Oars

  • Two aluminum oars, portable design.
  • Oar lock & Oar seat to carry and use oars.

Hull Identify Number (HIN)

  • 12+3 digit Hull Identify Number for many countries.

Stainless Steel and Aluminum

  • Marine grade for salt water and flash water.
  • Stainless steel: D_ring, Oar stick, Screw.
  • Aluminum: Floor, Oar.

Rubbing Protection

  • Applied on the tube and keel, matching design.
  • Provide strong protection for the boat.

Foot Pump

  • Inflate the boat in 10 minutes

Repair kit and spare valve

  • Standard PVC Repair Kit and spare air valve.

Carrying Bag

  • Bag to carry or store your boat when deflated.
  • Double heavy duty carrying bag for large model