12V Electric Pump

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Product Description

80D Model Standard Features:

  • Real Time Digital Pressure Gauge, LCD Display with Black Light
  • Dual Pressure Display. Real Time Pressure Monitoring
  • Digital Control Set-pressure Increments: Per 1 Kpa (Per 0.15 PSI)
  • High Volume (Turbo Fan) + High Pressure (Cylinders) Two Stages
  • Pump Automatically Shuts off When Set Pressure is Achieved
  • Inflate & Deflate, Waterproof Control Button, Free Carrying Bag
  • 9ft Power Cord & 6ft Air Hose. Free Universal Valve Fittings
  • Use with Any Good 12V Battery, Fast to Inflate
  • Light Weight to Carry (7 Lbs)

Compact Three Buttons Inflation Operating

  1. Choose the proper fitting for the air valve of your inflatable product. Put the valve at the inflation position. Attach the correct valve Fittings to the inflation hose that comes with your pump. Attach the other end to the pump (smooth round outlet on the pump)
  2. Connect the 80D pump’s terminals to the battery paying close attention to the polarity. Make sure the clips are on the same color electrode and properly connected. Otherwise the pump won’t turn on or run properly.
  3. If you have the model with the built-in battery (80DB / 80DB-Li), please make sure the battery has been charged. A new fully charged battery should last 30 minutes or more with regular use. If the battery is low, you can use the extension 12V cable that comes with your pump and connect them to your 12 volt battery. Follow the same instructions as used for the 80D model.
  4. Turn on the POWER switch and enter the maximum desired pressure by using the two set pressure (UP / DOWN) buttons, the set pressure will be shown on the right hand side of LCD screen. The pump only provides Mode KPa as its pressure display.
  5. (10KPa = 100mbr = 1.45 PSI). Factory default working pressure is set as 25kpa (3.6 PSI). This pressure is suitable for most inflatable boats.
  6. Press the POWER button to start. During inflation, the left hand side of LCD screen should show the pressure that the inflator has reached. As soon as the entered pressure has been reached, the inflator turns off automatically. And the inflator can be turned off at any time by pressing the POWER button again. Take off the air hose from the chamber once the pump stops pumping. It is possible to stop the inflator at any time by pressing the (OFF) switch.
  7. The inflator operates in two stages which can be identified by the noise of the turbine at the beginning followed by the piston. The inflator switches from turbine to piston automatically. If the chamber pressure is over 7Kpa / 1 PSI, the pump will start the 2nd stage only. If the set pressure is lower than the chamber’s pressure, the pump won’t turn on.

Pump’s Specifications

Model: SMX-80D 
Type: LCD Display, Two stages, Electric Control, 12V Air Pump
Voltage: DC12V  / Current: 20A MAX / Max Power Dissipation: 250W
Shipping weight: 3.2KG  Packing: 22x22x27cm
Max. inlet air: 500L/min
Maximum continuous working time: 15 minutes
Max. pressure:   80kpa / 11.6 PSI