Standard Dolly

  • Before you launch the boat with the boat dollies, please make sure your boat is fully assembled.
  • Put the two leg/wheel assemblies in the down position. Then install your outboard making sure that you tighten it to the transom.
  • Please make sure the boat is in deep enough water before raising the leg/wheel assemblies or removing them from the transom brackets. If the head of your outboard is too wide, you may have to remove the leg/wheel assemblies so they don’t interfere with steering the boat. If so, we recommend using a bag of some sort to store the leg/wheel assemblies and locking pins in so they don’t get lost.
  • When you want to bring the boat back from the water, just reverse the above process.
  • We have supplied two (2) types of screw nuts for the center pivot bolt. The wing nut (recommended) is for easily removing the leg assembly once you have launched your boat. The lock nut is better suited for permanently attaching the transom wheels.